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Formula 1: The Austrians are far from top class

Formula 1: The Austrians are far from top class

“I don’t think there was anyone a long time ago with a realistic chance,” confirmed the driver from Linz, who is currently in the DTM driving. “Currently there is none anyway, not even in the recent past. I don’t remember an Austrian coming close to Formula 1 since the last active driver.”

As the last person to hold an Austrian passport to date, Christian Klien of Vorarlberg drove a Formula 1 car at the HRT race in Abu Dhabi in November 2010. At various times, Philipp Eng, Lucas Ohr, Mirko Bortolotti and Ferdinand Habsburg, among others, were considered drivers Youngsters with Formula 1 aspirations. Some of those named have also completed Formula 1 driving test drives, but none have made a major breakthrough.


In 2010 Christian Klien was the last Austrian to drive a Formula 1 car in a race

“You need two very important things. On the one hand, leadership skills, talent. The other is financial background. Whether it’s sponsors or a small program, it needs some form of financial background,” Brenning explained in the APA interview. “I simply lack financial background, others talent. You also need a lot of luck for that.”

Wurz junior isn’t far away yet

It is also clear to Marko that there are currently no serious candidates from Austria. He noted that “unfortunately nothing”. The achievements of Charlie Wurz, the 17-year-old son of former Grand Prix driver and ORF expert Alexander Wurz, have not yet been enough to get the 80-year-old included in Red Bull’s international youth programme. In the European Formula 3 Regional Championships, Wurz showed a hard and never finished 10th place finish in six races.

Charlie Weirs

IMAGO / Action Plus / Pablo Guillen

Charlie Wurz did his stints in the European Regional Formula 3 Championship this year

The 24-year-old Preining wasn’t too old to start out with, but he didn’t have much to show for Formula racing, which is all the more favorable to decision-makers, since he decided to take a seat as a Porsche driver for a few years. since. “If someone called me, I wouldn’t say no. But nothing was planned, nothing was discussed,” said Breening, who also did not have the points needed to get a super licence. This is mandatory for the start of Formula 1.

Preining chances are slim

In his opinion, Porsche’s entry into Formula 1, which was still the subject of heated negotiations a year ago, will not increase his chances. “I suppose when a new manufacturer enters Formula 1 they will tend to rely on experienced drivers who have been in Formula 1 for a few years rather than beginners.” For Preining it’s still time for an F1 test it’s not too late.

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