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Fortnite will soon enter a new era with a live event

Fortnite will soon enter a new era with a live event

After the OG chapter begins fortnite (From 30.83 euros He buys) Fresh Start: Epic Games is having a big start today Farewell event Announced for the current season. A large explosion is expected to follow at the beginning of December He lives Can be tracked in the game.

after Chapter 4 I only started about a year ago, and it’s clear that the transition will follow in a few days Chapter 5. This time there is a major collaboration with a well-known peripheral block manufacturer and developer Harmonix apparently.

Fortnite: All information about The Big Bang live event

To be more precise, it will be running Epic Games Saturday 2 DecemberAt exactly eight o’clock in the evening, which was called the Big Bang Live event Get started in Fortnite. There will be an admission half an hour before so you and your friends can prepare accordingly. What exactly happens next has yet to be revealed. The developers only talk about an “unforgettable event” and an “unforgettable reveal.”

December 2, 2023 at 2 PM ET.

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) November 21, 2023
In addition, there should also be one with the new Fortnite game New game mode For all those who are used to it Rock band or Guitar hero I loved you. Harmonix, who was previously responsible for both music series, has been part of Epic Games since 2021 and appears to have been working on a beat-em-up experience for Battle Royale during that time. Presumably, at first, among other things Linkin Park And lady gaga Being an actress, like a Twitter user Hybex He writes.

Until change, however, will remain the case The nostalgia factor in Fortnite with the ongoing OG chapter Great writing. On the other hand, Epic Games is currently facing difficulties Harsh criticism of his plans to protect young people also affects skins.