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Forza Motorsport: Turn 10 is gearing up for a major update for November

Forza Motorsport: Turn 10 is gearing up for a major update for November

The new Forza Motorsport was released in the first half of the month, and since then the guys at Turn 10 Studios have continued to work hard on the racer. A new major update has now been announced for November.

Forza Motorsport fans can expect a major and comprehensive update to the current racing game soon. As announced by the developers at Turn 10 Studios, Update 2, scheduled for release in November, will contain more than 200 fixes for the current part, addressing all areas of the game, such as stability, multiplayer aspects, paint editor, cars, and more.

Stability in particular should improve significantly, but will remain a work in progress going forward. Turn 10 will remain a focus for future development in this regard. Focus also remains on the loading screen issue in Builders Cup, which was actually part of Hotfix 1.1; However, there are still some players who have problems with this.

In addition to bug fixes and quality of life improvements, a new track with Yas Marina is also scheduled for a major upgrade. Relatively little is known about this new location yet, but the track marks the start of regular new content for Forza Motorsport.

A quick look at the most important innovations confirmed in Update 2:

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  • Many fixes to improve overall game stability and reduce crashes across all platforms.

Body editor

  • Fixed an issue where players could view and open melodies and songs shared by other players.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the black paint shade to appear gray instead of black.
  • Fixed an issue where only the inner barrel on the factory edges would be paintable.


  • Fixed an issue where shaders were required to be recompiled every time Forza Motorsport was run on AMD chipsets.
  • Fixed a game-specific crash that occurred when headphones were connected to the front panel.

degree – PC gamers using an AMD 7900 XTX who should experience a crash at the end of races Download the latest AMD graphics driver to resolve this issue.


  • Fixes to matchmaking as a group, party management, invites, and joining across multiplayer.
  • Fixes to ensure custom lives appear more consistently across multiplayer game modes.
  • Fixes to address cases where the break/run countdown would take much longer than expected before multiplayer races start.
  • Fixes to automatic selection of wet tires when entering an event, and fixes to fuel estimation logic.
  • Fixes for title stability when resuming from suspended state on console.

the way of playing

  • An exploit related to the car’s tone changing mid-race has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where the game became stuck in a “New Content Update” loop when entering the main menu.
  • Fixes to replays in scenarios where replays don’t start, cars don’t move, or float.
  • Fixed an issue with forced camera changing at the start of a race.


  • Fixed an issue with the 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS Sport Roll Cage visual upgrade option, which removes the roof of the car when viewed from a first-person perspective.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Thrustmaster T248 LED display from displaying race location information.
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