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Franz Dunkelmayr’s Alpine Interpretation of Southern Classicism

Franz Dunkelmayr’s Alpine Interpretation of Southern Classicism

Does summer seem endless to you? So it was definitely not a dream summer. But it was nice and warm for a while. And then a cold September day is enough to get an idea of ​​what it means to say goodbye. And then sadness comes. Memory of hot days. On quiet evenings. To all that makes summer so great. That is why, today we have a recipe for you that will make it much easier to beat the fall depression. The transformation dish is called: deer lasagna.

Video – this is how to make deer lasagna

There seem to be thousands of variants of this layered treatment. Depending on the region, Italians also prepare lasagna differently. In the local install, people also thought of the long-time favorite Southern team. In Grafenwirt in Aich you will find a different version of the hunter.

First off, Chef Franz Danckelmayr explains the most important point of preparation: “A good lasagna takes time. and love.” But above all, the right sauce. Each of their layers should be full of sincerity. Other than that, she’s not a pasta queen, but just a sticky noodle dish. That’s why Danklmaier’s deer lasagne uses deer meat bought by hunters in the area. Only: “It’s relatively low in fat and healthy.”

There is no discussion that pasta dough is also made at home. For Danklmaier, the advantages are clear: “You have complete influence over the selection and origin of the few ingredients, and you can specify their thickness for better results.” A small effort is worth it.

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