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Frozen Face: Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum and the Botox Trap

Frozen Face: Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum and the Botox Trap

Have you ever noticed that some celebrities look mean when they smile? This is due to a botox-frozen grimace, when the mouth smiles, but the upper third of the face remains unaffected. Viennese plastic surgeon Rolf Bartsch explains the “botox frozen face” and which stars fell for the Botox trap.

Nicole Kidman, 56, explains plastic surgery in Vienna Rolf Bartsch on “The Beauty Insider” EXCLUSIVELY Gwen, is the prime example of a “botox frozen face”. It works. It works Freezing the entire face with botulinum toxin. Long-term and excessive use Botox, as the active ingredient is colloquially called, recognizes. Strictly speaking, Botox is just a company name, which, like Uhu, Labello or Kärcher, is used as a synonym for the actual product.

Partch explains that when you look up, people who have had Botox can really see their treatments. Kidman’s affinity for Botox is also particularly notable on research.

The doctor also explains that botulinum toxin can not only modify the muscles, but also alter the surface of the skin by restricting the production of sebaceous glands. This makes the face look smoother.

Nicole Kidman, then-wife of Tom Cruise, in 1999

Klum: Wrinkle-free through nutrition?

Someone claiming to be himself Shown through chia seeds, vitamin C, and nutritional supplements For Heidi Klum. The doctor buys it from the model who just turned 50, but not entirely.

no wrinkles

The appearance of wrinkles in the upper third of the face. “Imagine you’ve been wearing jeans for a week, and then you get wrinkles at the back of your knees. Same thing on your face.” He explains that Klum does not suffer from these wrinkles.

Heidi Klum as a Victoria's Secret Angel in 1999 and 2023

Heidi Klum as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 1999 and 2023

But what Klum does smarter than Kidman is leave his bangs on his forehead and simply cover the top third of his face. Klum also looks more natural because you can see her delicate crow’s feet wrinkles around her eyes. “I am also very happy to leave them with my patients, because when they laugh, it should sound natural,” the doctor talks about his daily work.

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