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Swedish rap star accused of complicity in rap kidnapping – VG

Image: Yasin Abdullahi Mahmood (23) Photo: Police

This weekend, rapper Yassin was voted Sweden’s Best Artist at the B3 Cultkalan. The celebration took place in prison, and he is now charged.


According to the indictment, Yasin Abdullahi Mahmood (23) and a former youth national team player in football tried to trap another rap star in a kidnapping trap.

Swedish newspaper Reveal Indicates from the charge:

“Yasin Mahmood, along with (NN) decided to arrest and kidnap, as well as decide to harm him and threaten him (other artist). It happened 30-31. March 2020 (…) (football player) Yasin Mahmood with many Mahmoud, a member of the criminal gang Shotas, is also a well-known rapper.

Rapper Yassin is one of Sweden’s most famous and popular artists, and his music has been streamed millions of times.

“(The footballer) is involved in a plan to abduct Mahmoud (the artist) at the end of March. They decide together when it will happen and how it will continue.

Rob will kidnap the star

The plans are to abduct the victim, one of Sweden’s biggest rap stars, from a recording studio in central Stockholm.

The victim instead went to another studio and the plan to abduct him from there was changed, but both got cold feet because they thought there were a lot of cops that night.

Instead, the victim was abducted and abused a few weeks later. Yassin Abdullahi Mahmoud has not been charged with involvement in the abduction. 12 have been charged with involvement, he writes Uptonbladet.

– He denies committing the crime, and thus both charges. He has chosen not to comment during the trial, and says it is his full right to do so. Uptonbladet.

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In all, Mahmoud writes 186 “no comments” during two hearings Reveal.

Intimidation and abuse

The charges describe the abduction as crude and ruthless.

The victim was allegedly driven by car to an apartment in the Stockholm suburb of Wர்பrzburg, where he was severely abused.

The perpetrators, among others, lost their mouths with duct tape, tied to his back, threatened with a pistol and a knife, a dog leaned over him, pressed one foot against his head as he lay on the ground and stabbed him in the face, leg and upper body with a knife.

State attorney Anna Strath stated in the indictment that the purpose of the kidnapping was to rob and pressure for money.

She writes: “He made a lot of money from his music, and he often wore expensive jewelry and Rolex.”

The robbers robbed a Rolex victim worth 302,000 Swedish kronor.

He was then forced to move to another location to retrieve two gold chains and a weapon worth 163,000 Swedish kronor.

– Project bombing

Aftonbladet writes that the victim tried to extort money from three million Swedish kronor, which was never paid.

The perpetrators threatened the victim and his family.

They also planned to plant a bomb outside the victim’s apartment, according to the charges. The bomb was confiscated by police.

The victim did not want to participate in the investigation.

Got personal insight

Defendants are said to have been involved in encroaching on the encrypted telephone network, which was popular among criminals until a European police collaboration infiltrated and obtained large amounts of information.

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– We have received great help from the information received from Encrochat, where the respondents have clearly described their activities in detail from the planning stage to the implementation. Attorney Sarah Nilsson says this has given us a unique perspective that we have not had access to before.

The allegations are part of a larger investigation into the criminal warp network. The case documents are 15,000 pages long.

A total of 30 people have been charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, bombing, aggravated drug offenses and aggravated assault with a firearm. Of the 30 defendants, 28 have been jailed.