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Garden City Church – To Venice to spend Christmas with Capella

Garden City Church – To Venice to spend Christmas with Capella

Although Alfred Tozar has resigned from the artistic and organizational direction of the Hollabrunn Chamber Orchestra, he still passionately leads the Cappella Cantabile Choir.

Capella Cantabile

WWhat did Christmas look like in St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice in the 16th century? The Capella Cantabile Ensemble wants to take its audience there loudly by singing Advent on December 23 in the Gartenstadtkirche.

“Christmas in Venice” is an invitation from the Capella Cantabile Choir to sing this year’s Advent on December 23rd at 6:30pm at Garden City Church. In the first part of the concert, the Hollabrunner Choir under the direction of Alfred Tozar will present the music as it was sung in St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice – up to 15 pieces. All the following parts are separated by instrumental works – “Capella Strumentale” – in which early music is played on original instruments.

The Venetian School as a measure of musical objects

Venetian music played a prominent role in the cultural history of Europe from the 16th century until the end of the Republic. Since then, decisive impetus for innovations in vocal and instrumental music with the polychoral system in Venice have emerged from here. The Venetian School is closely associated with the names of Claudio Monteverdi or Andrea and Giovanni Gabrielli, all of whom were organists at St. Mark’s Basilica.

In the second part, the a cappella performs Max Reger’s romantic phrases from famous Christmas songs such as “Vom Himmel hoch”, “O Jesulein süss” or “Schlaf’, mein Kindelein”. Part Three belongs entirely to the spirituals of Moses Hogan and Ken Burton. “Very emotional, exciting and exciting music,” Tozar said looking forward to the two concerts. Because Capella Cantabile will be a guest before singing Hollabrunn Advent on December 17 at 6pm in Hadersdorf Parish Church (Kremsland area) with the song “Christmas in Venice”.

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