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ghost in the device

ghost in the device

Margaret Sohn of New York, better known as Miss Grit, is set to release her debut album, “Follow the Cyborg,” on the traditional electro-pop label Mute.

Miss Greet: “Follow the cyborg.” In this age of ancient madness, as pop culture moves from one revival to the next, it’s no wonder that a cyborg character has joined forces with the Avengers. For Innocent Young People: Back in the ’80s and ’90s, a robot was called a cyborg and was rightfully shivering. This was possible because the concept, as it was often introduced, made the mind-body problem clear in a new way. The late Miss Greet knows it – and in this song, after a cyborg, she discovers herself as her own soul (“ghost”, not “mind” or “spirit”). “I was born to stand,” she sings at the beginning and explains innocently, “I am a living girl.” Which is normal being questioned by the emphatic technical voices you could hear two generations ago, they sounded strange. Today they look graceful. Brave New World.

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