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"Traumschiff" with Sarah Engels: ZDF viewers discover embarrassing mistakes

“Traumschiff” with Sarah Engels: ZDF viewers discover embarrassing mistakes

Sarah Engels as the guest role of “Traumschiff”.Image: ZDF screenshot

In the new year, “Das Traumschiff” will sail again on the ZDF – they managed to meet on January 1 fans Happy with the episode “Namibia”. This time, well-known actors also included new mother Sarah Engels, who already had a guest role in 2019. In “Namibia” she plays maid Tanya Lohmer. However, ZDF made a mistake in the opening credits, which were in Twitter It did not go unnoticed.

“Sarah Lombardi” in the opening credits of “Traumschiff”

Engels was married to artist Pietro Lombardi from 2013 to 2019, and she met her through her participation in “DSDS”. The 29-year-old also took his last name during the wedding, but she is now called Engels again. This is exactly what was overlooked in the editorials in “Das Traumschiff: Namibia”, because the actress is still advertised simply as “Sarah Lombardi” on TV broadcasts. The error is not currently fixed in the media library stream.

Sarah Engels appeared in the opening credits as "Sarah Lombardi" included.

Sarah Engels is listed as “Sarah Lombardi” in the opening credits.Photo: zdf screenshot

An exact Twitter user noticed the wrong name and was found in Social media Also direct words: “Did ZDF sleep again,” you can read here.

ZDF Error: This is the Possible Explanation

Production time can provide a possible explanation for the error. Sarah Engels didn’t take her maiden name again until May 2021 when she married football player Julian Bucher (now: Julian Engels). Until then it kept the name “Lombardy”. However, it is assumed that “The Dream Ship: Namibia” was filmed and produced before that. So it is conceivable that it was later forgotten simply to adapt the name in the opening credits.

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Watson’s request to the ZDF about this has so far remained unanswered. Sarah Engels did not address herself after the collapse of ZDF.