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Google Doodle honors Indian street food

Google Doodle honors Indian street food

Today’s Google Doodle honors Indian foods that represent the diverse culture of the Indian subcontinent.

Google Today brings us another colorful and culturally meaningful surprise with its current surprise doodle. the pani purialso known as Golgappa, is a popular delicacy that captures the essence Indian cuisine Catch in each small ball. The many different variations not only convey nutrients, but are also vehicles for culture, history, and society.

India variety based on pan puri

The doodle captures the simplicity and versatility of this small delicacy and showcases the vibrant energy of Indian street markets. Panipuri consists of a thin, crunchy crust of dough stuffed with a mixture of potatoes, onions, chickpeas, and spices. The final touch is a dash of hot and spicy pani or flavored water.

Each part of India has its own traditional method of preparation, which also depends on the regional availability of various ingredients. In the north, for example, the name Golgappa and stuffing with potatoes and chickpeas is common, while in the south one knows the hotter pani puris, filled with cooked chickpeas, white peas and various kinds of sprouts. On the other hand, dumplings found in the East with a tamarind filling are known as “pochkas” or “fouchkas”.

In this doodle game, you have to deliver the right pani puri to your customers in candy crush style, paying attention to the right amount and the right variation! Cultural dishes like pani puris convey much more than just taste, they tell stories, as well as the stories of individuals and especially families. Pan Puri brings together people from all parts and communities of India.

Enjoy a good meal!

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