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Raptor Lake-S Refresh leak: Intel is also increasing P/E cores in Core i5 and Core i3

Raptor Lake-S Refresh leak: Intel is also increasing P/E cores in Core i5 and Core i3

After word broke just a day ago that the upcoming Intel Core i7-14700K processor could also have 12 efficiency cores in addition to eight performance cores, there is more information today, or better yet, a leak that the Raptor Lake -S update affected. Core i5 and Core i3 series models. If this leak comes true, Intel will increase the number of cores there as well.

To justify an update to Raptor Lake-S by Intel, it seems that the improvements in the architecture aren’t enough. Instead, Intel will use the number of cores of individual processor models, if that is the case Leaked by RedGamingTech It turned out to be correct. A total of seven SKUs are tagged in a YouTube video, which show differences compared to the 13th generation base (Raptor Lake-S).

While the Core i3-13100(F) still has four cores including SMT, the direct successor, the Core i3-14100(F), should now have six cores. It is currently still uncertain whether SMT will also be a part of this, but it can be assumed. The Core i5-14400(F) should still have six performance cores, but there should now be eight cores instead of four efficiency cores and offer an attractive alternative to the Core i5-14500(F). According to the leak, Intel leaves the latter unchanged and leaves it with six P-cores and eight E-cores, as is the case with the Core i5-13500 (F).

However, the main highlight could be the Core i5-14600 (K (F)) if it happens. Similar to the Core i9-12900K, a mid-range CPU should have eight cores for performance and efficiency and therefore 24 threads. As we already expected, the Core i9-14900 (K(F)) will come with 8 P cores, 16 E and offer 32 threads.

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It must be said very clearly that this information must be treated with special care. Because no one can say for sure that these things are true and that Intel will release the 14th generation of cores just like that. On the plus side, the updated Raptor Lake S CPUs will still be compatible with the LGA1700 socket, and that will likely be the case for motherboards with Intel 600 series chipsets as well, or at least the Z690 PCH. With the current 700 series chipset, it makes sense that they would be compatible. A prerequisite, of course, is that motherboard manufacturers provide an appropriate BIOS.