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Google has removed the enhanced Android At a Glance feature

Android 12

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In the Glance on Android presents contextual information on the phone’s home screen and lock screens, allowing users to quickly view relevant details without having to scroll through apps. In its present state, at a The glimpse includes basic information like current weather conditions and calendar notifications, but it looks like Google has more ambitious goals for this feature at some point.

Looks like Google tried to expand into At a A quick look to integrate more apps and services and customize functions based on location and time of day. This revelation comes from Android salad, citing unnamed “Trusted Sources” who provided screenshots showing an advanced At-a-Glance widget for home screens and lock screens (codenamed Smartspace). The feature presented users with a suggestion bubble that, when pressed, revealed an entire user interface that changed dynamically based on your activity and the time of day.


picture: Android salad

For example, tapping the “Goodnight” icon on the lock screen will reveal information cards that contain smart home controls, alarms, and sounds for sleep and meditation. If you are in the store, To a The “Quick Look” code can say “At Whole Foods” and display your list of purchases, your loyalty card barcode, and Google Pay. Another screenshot Shows how the element will deform at a train station to show oncoming incoming trains along with the duration and stops to your destination. It can also redeem digital tickets that you may have purchased in a public transit app.

After connecting the headphones, Glance displays a media suggestions tab with recommended songs, YouTube videos, and podcasts, and people you may contact on WhatsApp, Messenger, or the mobile app. These info cards not only appear on the home screen, but also on the lock screen and the always-on screen when your phone is in sleep mode.

If Google has gone ahead with these plans or decides to turn them back into a file Glimpse will be a step closer to its goal of preventing users from searching through apps or settings to find the information they need when they need it. According to Android Authority, the feature was not exclusive to Pixels; Google planned to share it With other Android phone manufacturers.


picture: Android salad

This is an improvement to The Glance feature was apparently in the works during the Android 11 development cycle, but it hasn’t made it past the prototyping stage. We don’t know why Google abandoned these plans, but there were some obvious technical hurdles that needed to be resolved in order to make this happen. Having such detailed information on a lock screen or always-on screen could jeopardize a person’s privacy and security if their phone falls into the wrong hands. An extra layer of biometric authentication (fingerprint scanning or facial recognition) could be added, but this would undermine the feature’s “at-a-glance” principle.

Then there is the problem of getting the right information from the right sources. Google needed third-party apps to play well and extract the right information at the right time for users. It is easy to see how this integration can lead to chaos and lead to a backlash from the masses.

Google has abandoned this project and instead opted to integrate certain features into other products and services. However, we may see some features at some point. 9to5Google Recently discovered in addition to Peek Tools (Ata store, bedtime, etc.) in an update to the Android System Intelligence app. Some – bedtime, fitness, and timer – were added earlier this year, while others are expected soon. One of them is “OneTa Store”, which was short Appears in the trailer; It appears to be an abandoned project, although there is no guarantee that it will arrive, and if it does, it will likely be limited to the home screen.

In the Glimpse plays a major role in Google’s Material Design language, which is tailored to individual users and adapts to their needs and preferences. I’ve been using the feature on my Pixel 6 for a few months now and haven’t found it more useful than the standard tool. Customization options are limited and disabling the feature does not remove the blocked history on the top left of the screen. We are expecting one The outlook will continue to evolve over the coming years and months, but it may never be what Google once envisioned it.

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