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Microsoft will roll out these functions in February – including support for Android apps

Microsoft will roll out these functions in February – including support for Android apps

In addition to supporting Android apps, for example, an improved taskbar is coming next month and two apps have been redesigned. If you want a free Windows 11 update, you should consider it soon, because it is limited in time.

Panos Panay, Director of Microsoft Product Division In a blog even about the new PC era (Einglish). In terms of content, unfortunately, not much content has been revealed there. Only at the end of the long entry he says:

“Next month we’ll be bringing new experiences to Windows, including a public preview of how to use Android apps on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store and our partnerships with Amazon and Intel.” Also coming are improvements to the taskbar (mute and unmute calls), easier window sharing, and weather logging in the taskbar. Furthermore, Redmond has announced the introduction of two redesigned apps – Notepad and Media Player. Microsoft has not posted any preview images on the blog.

Android apps on Windows 11

Most of the users must be excited about the Android app feature on Windows 11. The native Android apps should be able to run right on the desktop in a virtual environment with music, graphics, and network connection. First of all, it’s a public preview of the Android app, which should also be available in Switzerland, PCtipp said when asked.

Officially, Windows users can only install apps from the Microsoft and Amazon stores. Like mentioned However, ways have already been discovered to install Google Play Store and sideload apps in the Android subsystem of Windows 11.

Windows 11 free update is only available for a limited time

According to Microsoft, demand for Windows 11 has been “strong” since its launch in October 2021. The offer to upgrade to Windows 11 is accepted twice as much as it was with Windows 10.

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The aforementioned blog continues: “Today we are pleased to announce that the Windows 11 Upgrade Offer is entering its final phase of availability, putting us ahead of our original plan in mid-2022.”

Concretely, this means that the offer to update to Windows 11 for free is limited in time. Microsoft spokesperson Tobias Steiger told confirmed. When it will be shipped it is still open.
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