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Pizzera and Jaus – Pizzera and Jaus offer love to take away in Trausdorf

Pizzera and Jaus – Pizzera and Jaus offer love to take away in Trausdorf

Paul Pizzera and Otto Jaus are among the most successful and popular Austropop bands that Austria can boast at the moment. They are incredibly musically talented, catering to almost every genre the music world has to offer. When asked to describe their musical style, Pizzara said: “A colorful bouquet of serious stories, serious themes and life-affirming hymns. We try to filter all the emotions from our bodies and pass them on to our audience.

They succeeded. Songs like “Ein ins Leben” and “Liebe zum Take-away” are filled with so much positive energy and euphoria that you feel like you can conquer the whole world. “Kaleidscope” and “Who, if not you” move you to tears, and “Handmännchen”, performed by Pizzera and Jauss with the four-piece a cappella band “That would be great”, makes the audience laugh out loud!

With brains, heart and a lot of coolness

Pizzera and Jaus aren't terrible, they really let loose on stage and that's what their fans love – a mix of clever lyrics, power and emotion, but also the right, light provocation.

It's even sad: the Spanish song “El Miriachi” briefly awakens summer longings for real passion, but you don't get lost and stumble into it sadly. The two original musicians were very exciting and shortly afterwards they shook their audience with songs including “Flowers”, “Blue” and “Final Countdown”. At this point at the latest, one can only speak of euphoria running through the audience. What more could the band ask for?

When asked how Paul and Otto manage to stay grounded when they play in front of 100,000 people at the Donauinselfest and are cheered on by several thousand fans at a sold-out Town Hall, Paul says: “Only through a lot of contact. We are each other’s therapist and client, teachers and students, and it’s important for us not to lose our humility.” To find symbiotic joy in others is a real gift!

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Pizzara and Gauss rock the Trosdorf stage

Both Pizzera and Jaus have experience in Burgenland. Otto recalls: “One of the most outstanding concerts we ever gave was the 'Juke Box' in the quarry in Sankt Margarethe. The atmosphere and mood there are incredible! And we love your Burgenland wines! Maybe I will be able to return to Haus Margarethe in Mörbisch for two days in summer.

What is striking: Paul Pizzara came in second place in the Ö3 election for “The Sexiest Man in Austria”. Paul laughs and adds with a cheeky wink: “Of course it's the most important award I've ever received!” It should be noted at this point that Otto Gauss is in no way inferior to Boole in terms of charisma and charm. Perfect in a double pack! How they were made for each other!

If you want to convince yourself of the amazing sympathy between the two, you can do it in Trosdorf: on August 3rd, Pizzera and Gauss will play at the “Airport Sounds Festival”. More information can be found on the organizer's home page: