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Graz artists have created a new pair of traditional muddler costumes

Graz artists have created a new pair of traditional muddler costumes

Another new collaboration from Tom Lohner: Now the busy Graz artist has transformed the “famous traditional double bottle” of the Almdudler “into a work of art that tells the story of Austrian culture and our Dudley history in a special way,” says “soda maker” Heribert, quoted by Thomas Klein in a radio broadcast. The release is limited to 10,000 bottles, and is available in selected restaurants and in the Kräuterlimo online store. There you can also purchase 100 pieces of the original board’s limited line.

“Recreating the couple’s traditional Almdudler costume was like a dance, and I was honored to be the choreographer,” Loner says, describing his work. You can see a couple of traditional Almdoodler costumes on the bottle, jumping out of a little music box and swinging in circles – and a little rubber duck that’s adorable built in. “Like a secret code that embodies lightness and curiosity,” explains the soft drink manufacturer. But the duck also symbolizes “the cheerful wink that invites you not to take life too seriously, but to enjoy it.”

Modular Technical Edition
© Almdudler/Philip Lipiarski

Tom Lohner’s work is also currently on view at Bakerhouse Gallery – and ‘A Night at the Bourbon Hotel’ runs until October 13. For the series of the same name, consisting of 13 works, the gallery was transformed into a “Bourbon Hotel” in the style of The Great Gatsby. The hotel reflects the surreal world of the “Roaring Twenties”.

Full house at opening
© Loner