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Freiländeralm: Construction of 17 wind turbines begins

Freiländeralm: Construction of 17 wind turbines begins

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Energie Steiermark says it has received the green light from authorities to build a wind farm in the Freiländeralm region of western Styria. 17 wind turbines are scheduled to be built by 2026. Construction must therefore begin immediately.

“This wind farm is an important contribution to achieving climate goals and another milestone in the concrete implementation of our strategy to significantly expand renewable energy generation,” says the Energy Styria Board of Directors.

Once completed, the new wind turbines will produce electricity for about 55,000 households – 200 gigawatt hours per year. This corresponds to the average production volume of three Mur power plants, according to calculations by Energie Steiermark.

The first wind turbines are expected to start rotating in 2025

The height of the wind turbines is about 230 meters, and its production capacity is 102 megawatts. Energie Steiermark commissioned four wind turbines in the Freiländeralm area in 2014 – at the time the first wind farm of the state white and green energy company.

Since the current construction works take into account environmental time windows and vegetation, implementation will begin immediately. According to project manager Egon Dorner, the goal is to keep the dialogue with local residents “fair and transparent on site during implementation.” The first systems are scheduled to become operational in 2025, and the wind farm is scheduled to be completed in 2026 and will complement the four wind turbines already built.