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Great demand – watermelons from Waldviertel

Great demand – watermelons from Waldviertel

Classic field crops such as kukruz, potatoes and cereals have a firm place on the fields in Waldviertel. In recent years, innovative grower Martin Aschur from Nundorf has specialized in non-mainstream fruits: beans, pumpkins, parsley and melons. A trained carpenter took over the family farm in the fifth generation. His girlfriend supports him in marketing products.

The first harvest failed – and the farmer did not give up

It all started four years ago: “I just wanted to try something different – but in the first year it didn’t work out at all with watermelons,” says the plant expert. However, Martin was not discouraged by the failure and learned from the mistakes: “We buy seeds and now we grow our own plants in a house by the pool.” The cornstarch film is needed, says the 31-year-old farmer, so that the watermelons actually ripen in August – “it will also work differently, only then the watermelons will only ripen in October – and then you hardly buy watermelons anymore.” . In all, he planted watermelons on an area of ​​about half a hectare.

Carbon footprint is reduced

And since watermelons usually come from Africa or Asia and have to be transported a few thousand kilometers by ship or plane to the local supermarket, Martin’s initiative also significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions: his watermelons are sold in the area from Zwetel to Gwolle.

Favorite recipe: “Cut off the head and spoon it out!”

How to eat watermelon properly? “Obviously: cut off the head and eat it with a spoon!” says Martin Achauer. Its watermelons are available at stalls on the main square in Zwetel, on the main square in Rastenfeld, in Gars am Kamp and in Gwolle on Langenleuserstrasse opposite BILLA for two euros per kilogram.

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