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The all-new Volkswagen Amarok in Porsche Carinthia!  5 minutes – news and current affairs

The all-new Volkswagen Amarok in Porsche Carinthia! 5 minutes – news and current affairs

Posted on 08/26/2023 at 15:53

A high-performance engine runs under the hood, which conquers all obstacles and gives you pure driving power. Whether it’s over off road tracks Or start working on the highway – th Volkswagen Amarok convinces in every case. Plus, it holds up to 3.5 tons on the hook, thanks to its great trailer hitch.

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone here!

Also experience an intuitive infotainment system with navigation, audio and smartphone integration. But the Amarok is not only an all-rounder when it comes to performance and comfort, but it’s also a professional car when it comes to safety, so that you and your passengers are always protected. with smarter assistance systems Like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and emergency braking, you can cruise freely and with a clear conscience.

© Porsche Carinthia

© Porsche Carinthia

© Porsche Carinthia

Drive a test course now

But aside from the technical specs – the real adventure only begins on the road! Porsche Carinthia invites you to experience the new Amarok up close. The test cycle allows you to feel the vehicle in action, experience its performance up close, and convince you of its unbeatable characteristics. Amarok also provides input tax deduction for heads of business. Our experienced consultants are at your side to answer all your questions. “If you want to take the Amarok home with you right away, no problem: Porsche has enough vehicles in stock,” explains the Porsche Carinthia team.

Financing made easy

but this is not all! Porsche Carinthia Not only does it give you the chance to test out the Amarok, but it also has individual in-store financing options tailored just for you. Dive into adventure with the new Amarok at Porsche Carinthia!

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