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GTA Online: Million GTA Dollars for Free - Until You Get Coal with PS Plus

GTA Online: Million GTA Dollars for Free – Until You Get Coal with PS Plus

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In GTA Online, you need a lot of money to work your way up the ranks. Thanks to a simple trick, you can look forward to a million each month. We’ll tell you how.

New York – GTA Online is more popular than ever. With regular updates smaller and bigger, Rockstar Games has been able to keep its players happy and in the game again and again. However, in order to succeed in GTA Online, you need a lot of money. This can then be spent on fast cars, smart clothes, expensive weapons, or quality real estate. If you want to make money fast, PS Plus is now giving you $1M in GTA for free.

game name Grand Theft Auto V
launch 17. September 2013
editor rock games
Italian Serie A Grand Theft Auto
Developer Rockstar North
a program PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC
Type Open world, action adventure

GTA Online: PS Plus Gives You $1 Million GTA – This is How You Get It

Who will get a million dollars in GTA? In order to be successful in the multiplayer mode of GTA 5, you need a lot of money. You can then spend that on the fastest cars in 2021 in GTA Online, for example, or to buy the best real estate. This money usually has to be earned with difficulty, for example by completing Cayo Perico Heist with the most expensive loot. Currently, you can get 1 million dollars from GTA more easily. All you have to do is be a member of “PS Plus”.

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How to get the million in GTA Online? First of all, you must be a member of a PS Plus subscription and have a PS4 or PS5. who – which PS Plus-Abo * Available from €8.99 per month – you can save money if you subscribe directly for three months or more. Once you do that, you can go to the PS Store on your PlayStation. Just type in the search barGTA Online PS Plus“And you should be directed to the reward. There you just have to click”downloadClick and wait.

GTA Online: Dust a Million Dollars from GTA – Free with PS Plus

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The reward will be credited to your Maze Bank account in GTA Online as soon as you log in to GTA Online. However, in some cases, it may take a while for that to happen. After 72 hours at the latest, the million should be in your in-game account. By the way, you can get 1 million dollars in GTA every month for free via PS Plus.

How long is the offer valid? GTA Online players will receive $1 million GTA each month via PS Plus until March 2022. From then on, there will be an Enhanced and Extended GTA V version, which will be available free for three months to all PS5 owners with a PS Plus subscription.

GTA Online: PS Plus Makes You Millionaires – Every Month Again

Why do you need so much money in GTA Online? GTA Online players need a lot of money for a variety of things. It is not uncommon for cars to cost more than US$1 million. However, fast cars are essential to successful racing. Weapons, buildings, and other things must also be paid for in in-game currency in GTA currency.

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What is PS Plus? PS Plus is a paid subscription service from Sony. PlayStation owners can play with or against others online only with a PS Plus subscription and get an additional 100 GB of cloud storage. There are also three free games every month. In November 2021, Sony members gave away 6 free PS Plus games for free. The cost of the “PS Plus” subscription is 8.99 euros per month. Fans can also get a 3-month subscription for €24.99 or an annual subscription for €59.99. * Affiliate link

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