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Günther Jauch is healthy again – “I’m negative again from now on”

Günther Jauch is healthy again – “I’m negative again from now on”

Gunter Gauch, 64, has survived his coronavirus infection. Saturday evening’s moderator said on RTL: “I was practically tested after a few hours, as the saying goes, otherwise I could have been there tonight” because they don’t know what’s going to happen! (DSWNWP). He should have run this program, but it was canceled for the third time due to his illness.

Jauch was played live like the previous Saturdays and on this occasion he made it clear: “From now on I’m negative again, so I got over it.”

The message that was important to him was: “We will not really get rid of this nonsense unless we get vaccinated as many of us as possible, and I think the vaccine now has really secondary importance.” The risk of exposure to harm from Covid-19 is much greater than the risk of any vaccination.

“The thing now is that every tenth person, including young people, who have contracted the Covid-19 virus, take something with them for a long time and it doesn’t end after 14 days,” Gauch said. He will be vaccinated himself in just a few months as he has just escaped the infection.

Thomas Gottschalk, his co-supervisor, said: “I was one of those people who always said, ‘Oh my God, then you get it and then you take it.’ “You got it, would you recommend this recipe as beneficial – for example,” I’m going to take it down? “Gauch’s answer:” No, I’m not going to take it. “

He himself hasn’t been feeling particularly well for 14 days. Now he is glad that smell and taste are slowly returning. He repeated: “We should only vaccinate.” “This was of course also a big part of the political failure that didn’t work in the last few months as we already thought.”

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At this point he was interrupted by TV chef Tim Malzer, who stood on his behalf, and replied, “Mr. Gauch! I don’t want to look rude. I think this is a Stern TV conversation, we also want a little bit of entertainment to make TV.” Then Josh said. -Yes, they should do that now, and said goodbye.