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Obituary: "Lindenstrasse" stars say goodbye to Willi

Obituary: “Lindenstrasse” stars say goodbye to Willi

Willie sirs (45) He will not forget. A few days ago, the shocking news spread: the artist is dead. Excited during his life Cologne His fans with numerous televised appearances – among other things, he also had a role in the cult series ARD Lindenstrasse. From 1992 to 2007, the TV star embodied the character Oliver Klatt. As his former co-stars said goodbye to the deceased actor: In the obituary notice, the stars of “Lindenstrasse” are consecrated. Willie touchy words!

Pay in the Saturday edition of the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Willis Former comrades of the group salute the deceased. “We will not forget you! Take care of yourself … Hans W. Geisendorfer (80) and your friends fromLindenstrasseAre the lines framed in black. Words that go straight to the heart. He was left behind by his death Willie Not only a huge hiatus in the former shooting team – his fans just couldn’t believe the 45-year-old’s loss.

On the Internet, some reality TV supporters have called for financial donations to cover the funeral costs. But this project was rejected. “There is no need to fund my husband’s funeral. I have really taken care of all financial matters.”Notch’s wife explained Yasemin gentlemen (42) on it Instagram-account.

“Lindenstrasse” star Willie Herren
Hans W. Gessendorfer and Mary Louise Marjan in March 2019
Jasmine and Willie Herren in 2019
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