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Hackers offer data of 100 million customers for sale

Hackers offer data of 100 million customers for sale

Anonymous hackers are supposed to do it According to the motherboard info from 100 million customers From T-Mobile United States They copied it and now offer it for sale online. The data includes the name, address, phone number and IMEI numbers of your mobile devices. also 30 million driver’s license data And Social Security Numbers It should be submitted in the relevant forums. Criminals request this subset of data 6 bitcoin. This is currently about 240,000 euros.

Mainly through the sale of social security numbers is a IdentitätsdiebstahIt cannot be ruled out broadly.

T-Mobile US is reviewing why, but can’t say much

This information comes from the hackers themselves, but it must be true. The motherboard was able to check at least extracts from the data logs for correctness. However, it is unclear whether the stated range is correct. According to the hackers, they created a backdoor on T-Mobile servers that gave them access to the data. In the meantime, they have been turned away from this back door, unidentified perpetrators reported.

So it looks like T-Mobile US has already acted. In general, the company currently maintains confidentiality and believes it has already been notified of the data sale. And therefore If you want to examine the cause, you can’t say much about it at the moment.

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