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„Haus des Geldes: Korea“: Teaser mit neuen Masken und neuer Verbrecher-Bande

Teaser with new masks and new criminal gang

It will be exciting: the South Korean version of “money House‘Already present in the starting blocks. Now Netflix has a new teaser too Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic AreaReleased. The first photos promise an exciting new gang for the professor – and new masks.

And best of all: the new series starts earlier than expected!

New teaser for Money Heist edition is here

There is no doubt that Money Heist has been one of the biggest hits on Netflix. In December last year, the Spanish series ended! Fans of the masked group surrounding the criminal mastermind, also known as “The Professor,” can’t now look forward to this Emerging from the character of “Berlin” Be happy. There’s a remake too at the start – one from South Korea!

Netfix now has a new teaser from Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic AreaIt was posted and caused an uproar. In it, we not only see gorgeous photos of the South Korean adaptation of “House of Money”, but the start date is also revealed. To everyone’s happiness: The series is coming very soon!

New edition coming in June

The Korean criminal gang can be seen in the joke for the first time. Particularly exciting: the joke reveals that the new bank robbers are not Salvador Dali masks Wear more, but traditionally South Korea haha maskswhich are commonly used in religious ceremonies Uses.

Well, admittedly: aside from the masks, the humor doesn’t reveal much, but it does reveal details that aren’t entirely unimportant! Long-awaited start date: On June 24, 2022, the remake will begin on Netflix with a total of twelve episodes. So we don’t have to wait any longer.

That’s what it’s all about

The content of the new version should already be clear. Or maybe not? It probably won’t be a full 1:1 remake of the Spanish series, just with a different cast. The mask selection alone shows that. So it seems that there will be at least minor adjustments at the cultural-geographical level. According to Netflix itself: “The mysterious professor gathers a team of thieves from North and Southfor stealing the newly minted coins just before the reunification of Korea.”

If that doesn’t sound exciting!? On June 24th we will finally know for sure!

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