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Hans Sigel in “The Great New Year’s Eve Show”

Hans Sigel in “The Great New Year’s Eve Show”

It can be celebrated! ‘Mountain Doctor’ Hans Sigl swaps his stethoscope at ‘The Big New Year’s Eve Show’ – and for the first time he’s officiating at the party, which traditionally takes place on December 31st
Ring in the new year. Home to Styria in the new “Stroke of Fortune” interview.

Austria. Hans Sigl is the new host: on December 31 (8:15 pm, ORF 2) he will make his debut as moderator with “The Big New Year’s Eve Show” and will welcome the New Year with Swiss Francine Jordi and many stars. The 53-year-old actor, who was born in Rotenmann in Styria, gave the big “Stroke of Luck” interview about his moments of wakefulness, unnecessary fireworks and a future as a “mountain doctor.” What does happiness mean to you?
Hans Sigel: Being healthy and knowing that your loved ones are healthy is very fortunate. Otherwise I use that big word very sparinglyM or feel happy even in small things or moments.

On December 31st, you can call millions of TV fans in the new year. Is this the biggest and possibly wildest New Year’s Eve party ever?
When I received the request from the broadcaster, I was honest No need to think long. I find it very charming to put together a variety show that entertains people on New Year’s Eve. Whether it parallels a cozy private party or gives people who are home alone a nice evening – this is the right coordination at the right time. The ARD editors have put together a colorful music mixtape that has something to offer for everyone. From the Spider Murphy Gang to Oli P. to Chris de Burgh, Glas Perlenspiel and Eko Fresh – I’m sure viewers will love it.

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How is your relationship with New Year’s Eve in general?

The turn of the year is always a good moment to take a moment, review the year and prepare for what’s ahead. You should give yourself these waking moments to think about often anywayBut New Year’s Eve is particularly attractive, I think.

Do you like the party itself or do you prefer to take it easy?
We are going to spend a quiet and relaxing evening with some friends on New Year’s Eve. No fireworks, I guess Completely redundant and unreasonable.

You will soon be seen again as a “mountain doctor”. How happy are you that you touched so many people in this role?
We are all very happy about that. Fellows in front of and behind the camera, the writers, the editors, the production team,…we all put so much heart and soul into these films, and I think it’s great that even after all these years we’re still living such a great response from the audience. No one on the team sits back and looks at success relaxed, but works over and over to make us better. The series has continued to evolve over the past 16 years, and it’s nice that audiences appreciate that.

Hans Sigl works as "mountain doctor" In new episodes - as here in "Imposition" On January 11, at 8:15 p.m. (ORF 2).

You were born in Styria and have lived in several Austrian federal states: where do you feel at home – and why?
I have been living in Germany since 1998 and in Lake Emir for almost 20 years and this is where I live at home. Because home is where the family is.

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What is your personal opinion of the year 2022?
Professionally, I look back on the past few months with great satisfaction and gratitude. It’s been a varied year in which I’ve been allowed to let loose in many different ways.

What do you wish for 2023?
Now it’s time for a vacation. The year has been varied, beautiful and creative – but also stressful. In April, we start filming the 17th season of “Der Bergdoktor”. Until then I will take care of other projects.

New Year’s Eve Big Show

Premiere of the new Equinox duet: For the first time, Hans Sigl (in place of Jörg Pilawa) leads the big Eurovision show alongside Francine Jordi. On December 31st at 8:15 p.m., these star guests will create a festive atmosphere at ORF 2: Chris de Burgh, Marian Rosenberg, Michelle and Jet Haining, Nathan Evans, The Spider-Murphy Gang, Alexander Eder, Beatrice Eagle, Bliss, Marquis, Glass Berlinspil, Kristin Ott, DJ Herzbeat feat. Sonia Lebbing, Marie Reim, Marc Haller as “Erwin au der Schweiz”, voXXclub, “This is the Greatest Show” stars Casala, Echo Fresh and Oliver Petsocat. This is how you can welcome the new year!

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