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Ufa wants a new classic: “Dinner for Five”

DrThe New Year’s TV classic “Dinner for One” must have a prequel. Production company Ufa Fiction has now announced a plan for an “upscale series”. They want to film a prequel: “It’s time you asked yourself who Messrs. von Schneider, Pomeroy and Sir Toby Winterbottom are, why they don’t sit at the table and what they should do with Miss Sophie. Ufa Fiction answers these and many other questions in the prequel.” Dinner for five”. This is the title of the work.

Who are the gentlemen?

“As a kid, I always wondered why the four guys don’t sit at the table and what they look like,” producer Tommy Wash says. “Of course it would be a dream to produce New Year’s Eve classics here for the whole family.” At six 45-minute episodes, “Dinner for Five” is a “romantic comedy-adventure series” based on the book “Dinner for Five – Killer for One”. Filming is scheduled to begin in 2023.

“Dinner for Five” is set in England in 1921. Four men who “couldn’t be more different” fight for the hand of Miss Sophie, who is about to turn 39. “Participating in the meeting are Herren von Schneider, a Prussian military man, Sir Toby, a true adventurer, Pomeroy, an engaged Frenchman, and Winterbottom, an Englishman and colonialist. She wants or must marry one of the four financially strong men—but not immediately.” The background is Money concerns.

50 years ago—on December 31, 1972—the television tradition was established at NDR always airing a “Dinner for One” sketch, made in 1963 with Freddie Frinton and May Warden, on New Year’s Eve.

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