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Wolfgang Holbein has hit traditional heavy metal again. Trevor William Church and his band HAUNT released their eighth album “Windows Of Your Heart”. Complete eight rounds in just five years, plus EPs, split versions, and ratings. Mr. Church is truly a workaholic who never rests.

Of course, the question arises as to whether directing two full albums (2022 is still young!) is now at the expense of quality, or whether HAUNT is still at a very high level from his first EP despite the large number of releases luminous eyes (2017) The first long iron “burn a flame” (2018) Move.

What can be immediately noticed is that HAUNT rushes through the ten paths window of your heart. It’s not about top speed. Instead, when listening, there is a feeling that the HAUNT is constantly moving so as not to miss the last tram that is already leaving at the station still far away.

The special thing about the band is that the songs never fall into a uniform mush despite the frenetic pace and consistently fast tempo. This is of course talking about Trevor’s songwriting class. Each number has its catchy tune, and the hooks differ greatly from each other despite their mostly constant speed. So there is enough variety in the total playing time of 41 minutes window of your heart.

Also, lyrically, the current album is not a rushed shot. In the lyrics, Trevor William Church deals with life itself, current issues, and personal visions of himself or his three-year-old son Rex. It actually opens a window, if you will, into his heart.

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Vocally, you wake up window of your heart The usual HAUNT fare is served. Ground, warm, sometimes a little thin sound comes out of the speakers, but it’s better this way than mercilessly overproducing. It might also be interesting to know that although HAUNT as a band consists of four musicians, Church has recorded the entire current album himself.


Californians have never been great masters of stories. But when listening to the new album, one might think that Trevor William Church has a chronic short of time. Some songs seem quite rushing, as if the Church is in a perpetual race–especially against itself, however, HAUNT can offset this frenetic rush with great compositions and varied song arrangements over extended periods. window of your heart“Excellent to listen to, not just once.

So it can be said that the new album is a really good album, which does not quite correspond to the first HAUNT releases, but can still be recommended without reservation to all fans of traditional Heavy and Speed ​​Metal who have a penchant for melodies.