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High-tech dressings heal wounds 25% faster

High-tech dressings heal wounds 25% faster

“It will be fine when we get married,” the saying goes, when you get hurt. Thanks for narrating plaster According to researchers at Stanford University, it should be much faster. Because the patch Loaded with technologywhich is said to aid in wound healing.

Faster healing with electrical stimulation

The smart bandage is practically a reinvention of the plaster. Researcher Yuanwen Jiang represented the journal nature describe, help Integrated sensors And the electrical stimuli Actively involved in wound healing.

This is what the future plaster could look like.

This is what the future plaster could look like.

According to one of them, preliminary tests on mice showed this Preprint study Wound healing accelerated by up to 25 percent. It can also rejuvenate the skin 50 percent getting better. Now we are developing design for mass production.

Technically, all components of the patch are in one piece 0.1mm thin polymer film installed. Microcontrollers, antennas, biosensors, or components that determine electrical stimulation pulses can be found here. electricity conductor hydrogel It ensures that the gap between the skin and the patch is closed and that current can flow without problems.

Glue and release with the press of a button

One of the areas of application of the high-tech patch is chronic wounds, which should heal better as a result. When changing patches, it is important to remove them. without damaging the fabric. Therefore, the plaster should either come off with the push of a button or start sticking again.

This is also made possible by the hydrogel, which sticks to body temperature, but at temperatures above 40 degrees But it loses its adhesive effect. The plaster can then be removed without any problems.

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