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Honda CR-V: For the first time with a plug-in hybrid

Honda CR-V: For the first time with a plug-in hybrid

For up to five passengers, the most important thing is that the sixth generation of the Japanese SUV has increased the wheelbase in particular – by 40 mm. It looks like a diminutive, but it offers significantly more space inside, better highway comfort and a larger trunk volume.

Under the hood is either a full hybrid or a plug-in hybrid for the first time. According to the manufacturer, the latter should be able to travel up to 82 kilometers purely electrically on a single battery charge.

Touch screen in the middle
Photo: Honda

Entry from 50,990 euros

Honda CR-V e: HEV with classic hybrid engine starting at 50,990 euros, for the variant with plug-in hybrid you have to pay exactly 9,000 euros more.


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