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Honda Monkey 2022 the monkey is back!

Honda Monkey 2022 the monkey is back!

The enthusiasm was enormous When Honda launched the Legendary Ape Revival in 2018. For the first time with a 125cc engine, in addition to having a single-channel ABS and styling that ensures Honda’s order books are well filled.

However, Euro 5 requires a short break for the artist: An eight-liter Darling is currently not available. But that should change soon: The upgraded monkeys should return to Honda dealerships as early as September 2021.

what happened The most important innovation is a completely new engine. The newly designed single cylinder (taken from the Honda Grom) is still air-cooled and two-valve, but now meets Euro 5 standard. With 6.9 kW (9.4 hp), this is almost on par with the previous engine. The maximum speed of 91 km / h also reaches the value of the well-known model. In addition, there is a good consumption of 1.5 l / 100 km according to WMTC. Important transmission update: there is now a fifth gear that lowers the gear out of the village and thus makes longer distances more comfortable.

on the sidelines Honda installed new springs on the rear shock absorbers, which increase comfort. There’s also a new color variant that replaces the somewhat dry black: Pearl Glittering Blue. This goes hand in hand with the blue fork and blue feathers on the stern. Yellow/white and red/white remain in the program.

Otherwise everything remains a monkey, As we’ve known it since 2018: with full LED lighting, single-channel ABS (even with roll-over protection!), dynamic 12-inch wheels with an off-road look and a featherweight of 104kg.

Austria Prize for New Honda Monkey 2022 model year: 4,190 euros.

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