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Horn – Vienna – Horn’s first win of the season

Horn – Vienna – Horn’s first win of the season

Horn 2-0 Vienna. Horner clearly dominated the first half. They showed themselves from the start to be more willing to play and run as well as bite more than the Vienna team. The first action came four minutes later: a wide cross into the Vienna penalty area, Lipczynski jumped the ball against Bombek, and the latter smashed the ball into his hand while trying to clear it. penalty? Nothing to judge Hurm, the match continued. First chance in the 15th minute: Hausjell beat Kreuzhuber, he ran alone towards goalkeeper Gremsl, wanted to corner him, but allowed the ball to be stolen from his foot. Next big chance in the 22nd minute: Gobis to Fischerauer, who hit the ball in a five-way, but Ismail Cebeoglu didn’t put enough pressure on the ball with his head and headed straight into Grimsel’s hands. However, with the next attack, the late lead was made: Joppich came in from the right, put it in Lipczinski, who shot from the turn and hit the corner – this was Lipczinski’s first goal, which he celebrated with spectacular somersaults. Horn continued pressing the button. A corner kick, Vienna did not move away from the ball, Malahalilovich found a gap and sensitively put the ball into the far corner – 2: 0 (30).

Vienna served well with the result

Only in the last minutes of the first half did Vienna come up a little. Beham had his first ever shot in the 38th minute, but he kicked the ball wide of the goal. Vienna had their first real shot on goal in the 40th minute through Abazovic. In the end, the most dangerous action came from Monschein, who went on his own but was blocked by goalkeeper Polster from a tight corner (43′). Horn should have made it 3-0 in first half injury time. A ball went over everyone in the Vienna penalty area, and Jobiš finished at the second post but missed the ball.

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In the second half, Horn initially dominated what was happening, while Vienna’s unimaginative performance changed nothing. So it was not surprising that Horner had the first two chances, it was Hausjell’s turn both times. Gremsl hit his full shot first (54), then the keeper won when Hausjell – after a long shot – ran towards him (63).

Vienna’s first chance came in the 72nd minute: Horn could not clear the ball decisively, and Oakes fired home from close range, but Polster worked. In the 78th minute Horner came again, Hausgill again: again his shot was very central and was easy prey for Grimsel. Vienna’s best chance up to that point came in the 85th minute: a free kick from the half of the field and Boateng’s header wide. Kitenge came closest to scoring in the 88th minute, heading against the post.

But that was with the recent Vienna Offensive. Since Hahn, who was replaced by Horn, passed a ball over (92), nothing has changed in the score – Horn was able to celebrate his first victory of the season.

SV Horn – FC Vienna 2: 0 (2: 0).Portals: 1-0 (23 minutes) Lipczynski, 2-0 (30 minutes) Mulahilović.trumpet: bandage; Wimover, Jobara, Hoffmann; Lebczynky, Mullahalilović, Fischerauer (68 Power), Bauernfind (82 Meto), Ismail Sepioglu (74 Han), Gobis; home gel.Vienna: grimsel. Bauer (Boating 56), Kreuzubir (Tanzmaier 46), Steiner, Abazovic; Omirović (Daniel Luxbacher 56), Bernhard Lückbacher (Sanogo 68), Ochs, Omirović; Beham, Moonshine (68th Kitenge).Sparkas Horn Arena, SR Harkam.