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Walking Soccer: KURIER readers are training for their international debut

Walking Soccer: KURIER readers are training for their international debut

In Austria, it was developed football walking oversleep. While in half of Europe Boomers Refer to the soccer And competing in international tournaments, KURIER and the parachute sports organization ASKÖ were able to fill the void in the spring.

Courses are fully booked from the start. And the feedback from the participants (women would be very welcome!) is also satisfying: according to an accompanying preliminary study, there’s a 100% thumbs-up. For the new show in Austria.

Sports scientist Gunther Schägerl is also satisfied. He even talks about “Vienna model”. Unlike professional football clubs in England or Germany, for example, in Vienna more emphasis is placed on health-promoting aspects and Including game culture Developed.

The survey showed, among other things, that the majority of participants (average age: 65) clearly gained physical fitness.

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Football Magazine’s Stefan Kraft recently also had this focus balister Live experience noted positive. Kraft also recognized it: the larger number of knee socks and the somewhat awkward German translation (in Football walks) may cause strangers to wrinkle their noses. However: if you play soccer 4 x 15 minutes after a longer period of abstinence, you can use one Sore muscles Calculate the next day.

What KURIER readers clearly show are the differences in both physical and Technical and tactical starting level. So, the group warms up together, but they play in two groups.

against Bayer Leverkusen

The most ambitious prepare themselves as a sideline Vienna Forest Walk Parents For their international debuts in Rüsselsheim, Leverkusen and Zagreb. Together with football players from Bayer Leverkusen At the end of October, the much-cited fan culture will also be celebrated: after the match in a stadium next to BayArena, we go to the stadium together Bundesliga game Bayer vs SC Freiburg to attend.

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This idea is also interesting Viennese historian Alexander Juraskewho takes an active part in the course and along with A My love path from U.S Derby Hatch Against the dreams of Winner Sports Club.

Aside from that, the mood of KURIER readers has been positively good since the first day of the cycle. Especially since the beginning of April “third half” In due debriefing quite a few Made friends. In addition to all the positive health aspects, this is no small feat, as one participant confirms: “At my age, it’s not easy to find new friends.”

If you are interested, you can take part in a free trial training session on Friday from 9 a.m. in the sports stadium at 1200 Vienna, Hopsagasse 5. On Friday afternoon (in the magazine from 5:04 p.m.) Alexander Moser’s football report will be shown at

The remaining places for the course in the fall

From Friday, October 13, from 10 am to 11:30 am, we will be training again in the ball gym at 1220 Vienna. registration here.