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How did Governor Lukashenko use Wagner’s mercenaries for his plans…

How did Governor Lukashenko use Wagner’s mercenaries for his plans…

It is said that as many as 10,000 Wagner fighters are in the neighboring country of Russia. Lukashenko’s regime displays pictures of a military maneuver carried out by “Wagnerovtsy” and the army. The long-standing ruler expects that monstrous cooperation with Prigozhin will strengthen his power. But many questions remain unanswered.

For several weeks people have been racking their brains over the whereabouts of the Russian Wagner Ensemble and their leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin. Where was the bald 62-year-old after the coup attempt? Where are these fighters who do not want to submit to the supreme command of the Russian army? Now there are increasing signs that a group of several hundred, according to Wagner up to 10,000 men, has already arrived in neighboring Belarus. The Belarusian exile dates back to an offer made by ruler Alexander Lukashenko, who used it to help Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin after the uprising at the end of June.

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense released photos on Thursday that were said to show masked fighters with the Belarusian army’s special forces. She added that it was military exercises in the Brest region. The scene is just a few kilometers from the Polish border. “The real combat experience, which is owned by the private security company Wagner, provides the Belarusian army with an opportunity to continue the path of modernization, re-equipment and quickly gain experience in current conflicts,” the ministry said in a press release. Thanks to the exiled mercenaries, the Belarusian army has become much more efficient and effective. All this serves the country’s military security in this difficult geopolitical situation. From the outside, it is difficult to assess the wealth of experience and military knowledge that Wagner-influenced fighters bring with them.

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Clever propaganda move by Lukashenko