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Norway passes 100,000 registered cases of infectious diseases – VG

Infection number: Norway has admitted 100,000 infections from night to Wednesday since the onset of the corona epidemic. Photo: Gabriel Ass Schlewick

At midnight, Norway acknowledged 100,000 registered infections caused by corona infection. But the epidemic in the country is still downward.


February 26, 2020 it The first case of corona virus infection has been confirmed in Norway. Two weeks later, Norway was at the beginning of the first wave of the epidemic, which led to the government on March 12 Introduced the most invasive measures taken by Norway in peacetime.

These measures are aimed at slowing down and stemming the rate of epidemics in Norway, not until August Norway passed 10,000 registered cases of infection.

At the same time, they were on their way to a second wave of infection. It hit hard in late October and early 2021.

Norway is now in the third wave of infection, On Tuesday, 900 new cases of infection were registered. This is 170 cases more than the previous seven-day average, which is 730.

A total of 100,149 infections have been reported in Norway since the outbreak.

– This is the expected growth, which is lower than many countries. There are also those who are unaware that an infection has occurred, especially in the first half of the infection, there were many who were positive, but not tested, says Assistant Health Director Espen Rostrup Naxstad.

He believes the real number in Norway is somewhere around 200,000.

– More than half of them get stuck with the test. This shows that these measures were effective in Norway, but there are many that can be vaccinated.

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A total of 677 corona-related deaths were recorded in Norway on Tuesday, according to VG.

Last week, 124,076 people were tested for the corona virus. Of these, 3.2 percent were positive. This is an increase of 0.7 percentage points over the previous week.

The incidence of infection is declining

Not later February 11 The Norwegian epidemic trend is declining. Since then, the trend in the country has been flat or rising.

In recent days, however, the arrow has pointed back downwards: from night to Saturday The national trend of registered infections is declining again, From the point of view of VG. In 23 municipalities, the trend is still increasing.

However Health Director J ஜrn Goldwalk said the situation was weak and that we should expect to close operations throughout April.

– We can count on relief in mid- or late-May to keep infection rates low and vaccination going as planned, Goldwalk told VG on Saturday.

Strict measures: Health Director J ஜrn Goldwalk urges people to be prepared for drastic measures throughout April. Photo: Mattis Sandplot

On Sunday, news came from Health Minister Bent Hay The national activities, which were originally scheduled to last until April 12, have been extended by two days.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health and NIPH have informed the Ministry of Health and Maintenance that the figures and experiences of the Easter festival will not be available until this weekend.

See an overview of the rules and recommendations here:

Estimates and recommendations depend on these figures.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg will explain to Stort how the community will reopen after the Corona epidemic.

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Nuxstad warns against premature reopening: – It’s going to be as good as Santa Claus believes

Higher enrollment rates

It’s Saturday Corona patients admitted to 306 hospitals in hospitals in Norway, According to the perspective of the Norwegian Directorate of Health. This is the highest number of hospital admissions since April 15 last year, an increase of 17 from the previous day.

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Goldwalk said the situation was serious and called for health workers in hospitals and municipalities.

Over the next few days, enrollment dropped somewhat. On Tuesday, 293 people were admitted, according to VG’s overview.

90 are receiving intensive care, eight less than on Monday. 59 were on respirators, up from 67 on Monday.

Norwegian Directorate of Health Reports on Tuesday Of the approximately 296 hospitalized corona patients, three were more than VG. The reason is that figures from the Norwegian Directorate of Health include four hospitalized patients infected with the corona virus as a result of an outbreak at Blackstod Hospital Westray Wicken.

In addition, the Norwegian Directorate of Health reports 13 inpatients in Hels Bergen, while the Health Foundation itself reports 14 inpatients. VG regularly collects statistics from hospitals, so you can opt out of the figures from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, which collects from the health areas daily at 8am.