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How do we watch them live the phenomenon of heaven?

How do we watch them live the phenomenon of heaven?

Thursday’s solar eclipse can only be partially seen in Germany. Here you can follow the scene live – with photos from all over the world.

For the first time in six years, Thursday will be partial solar eclipse above Germany to observe. in the north Mouth It covers about 20 percent of the sun and about six percent in the south. In parts of Canada, Greenland and northeastern Russia, the moon moves completely in front of the sun.

solar eclipse live streams

Here you can follow the solar eclipse from many vantage points around the world, including Canada, the USA and Great Britain. (live broadcast in english)

German planetariums track solar eclipses in this country. In addition to blackout photos from Germany, you’ll also find tips on observation and interviews with experts. (live broadcast in German)

Several factors must combine for a solar eclipse: it can only appear when there is a new moon (about every 28 days) and the angle is correct. Because of the inclination of the lunar orbit, a terrestrial satellite usually passes above or below the sun. Therefore, there are only two to four maximum solar eclipses per year. The next event, which can also be seen in Germany, will be on October 25, 2022.

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