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How does direct shopping actually work?  LeadersNet

How does direct shopping actually work? LeadersNet

| Editorial Board

| 05.07.2023

the [m]STUDIO has established itself as the specialist direct shopping unit in the DA-CH region. in conversation with ledersent Sandra Rindler, Content Strategist and Head of Influencer Marketing, and Martin Distel, Managing Director, Austria and Switzerland, explain what “leisure shopper” means and how to achieve several goals with a single concept.

Leadercent: Mr. Distl, everyone’s talking about direct shopping. What is it and where is the trip going?

Martin Distel: Direct shopping is the way of products On the road To buy relevant products from the corporate environment that you trust and where you can get the products you need.

Leadercent: Is there a difference between direct shopping and online shopping?

Thistle: Yes, because direct shopping can offer maximum added value. Additional information is provided to you within a certain period of time – half an hour to an hour. In this area in particular, people are looking for content, added value, information and entertainment. And it’s precisely these topics that we’re trying to bring together, which we’ve done incredibly well. We call this “shopping entertainment” and bring entertainment and shopping together, so to speak. Examples like “IKEA FESTIVAL”, also a live shopping festival or “dmLIVE”, which now takes place weekly in many countries, simply show how well the theme works and how you can connect a very large community to your brand. And this is exactly where we want to be and our customers.

Leadercent: Ms. Rindler, you are responsible for influencer marketing, among other things. Where does influencer marketing play a role in direct marketing?

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Sandra Rindler: Influencer marketing plays a very important role in marketing, since direct marketing as a format is often played through social media channels and influencers have access to content. Influencers can also be guests of live shopping formats. Here you have to look closely at who the right content creators are, whether they can speak well or whether they reflect the target group.

Leadercent: Please explain to us Live Shopping: Is it a time-limited event where you can shop online?

Rindler: Exactly, you can buy the products that are presented directly on the show directly online. The great thing about it is that you can also interact, for example by writing comments or asking questions about the product being picked up on offer.

You can read the full interview on our website ledersentListen to podcasts. In the talk, Sandra Rindler and Martin Distel talk about their successful campaign with IKEA and DM, how storytelling works in live shopping, how it differs from tele-shopping on TV and which numbers reflect the success of ‘shopping’.