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The 100 richest Austrians: Mateschitz is only in second place

The 100 richest Austrians: Mateschitz is only in second place

While the world’s rich had to record a slight decline in their fortunes last year, the 100 richest Austrians can look forward to increasing their fortunes by 5%.

Ha Assets have grown to 210 billion eurosfrom the current ranking in the Friday edition of the business magazine “Trend”.

On the other hand, the increase in assets is due to the fact that the ratio financial assets in this country minimum he f institutional values Partially clear rose We are. And when evaluating investments in listed companies, use “trend” values ​​as of the reporting date of mid-May 2023. In addition, they have money markets significantly compared to 2022 recovered.

The Porsche and Bisch families top the list

indisputably on first place They are still The Porsche and Bech families. However, with the share prices of their most important investments Porsche SE and Volkswagen, their assets fell slightly to 38.8 billion euros.

For this Mark Mateschitz, who replaced his father as the richest Austrian: after all, the economic success of the Red Bull Group remains unabated. According to the “trend”, the ownership of Mateschitz increased by 30 percent, to about 32.5 billion euros.

Georg Stumpf is third for the first time

in Third place Classified for the first time in Vienna Businessman George Stump In the ranking of the 100 best companies. Its German industrial plant exyte will have a turnover of around 7 billion euros this year. In addition, there are significant financial assets from past real estate developments and transactions, depending on the ‘trend’.

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Entrepreneur Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler has Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler to thank for the fact that Stumpf came last in the rankings. The billionaire heiress with an Austrian passport is only listed with her 20 percent stake in the German family (Schaffler, Conti and Vitesco), which corresponds to assets of €1.8 billion and puts her at 27.80 percent from her son Georg Schaeffler.

Rene Benkou is still in the top ten

to Signa founder Rene Benco He’s a bit restless at the moment, but he was able to relax in the top ten Catch. His fortune fell by a few hundred million to 4.2 billion euros.

According to the “trend”, this has nothing to do with the events that took place at Kika-Leiner and the German Karstadt-Kaufhof department store group. His net worth stake in Signa Prime plummeted, his real estate group flipped, and online sports retailer Signa Sports United lost a lot of value.

49 billionaires in Austria

Overall, the nominal increase in wealth was with the 100 richest people About 5 percent less than inflation. In real terms, that is, adjusted for inflation, the super-rich also registered a small minus in Austria. The number of billionaires in the ranking has remained steady at 49.