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How was Birgit Lauda's first birthday with her new boyfriend?

How was Birgit Lauda’s first birthday with her new boyfriend?

Birgit Lauda (42) Conversations about her new love. In May 2019, a mother of two had to say goodbye to her husband forever Niki Lauda Take (70). Dealing with this loss was very difficult for her. However, she was able to gradually deal with her grief with professional help. About a year ago she was finally ready to do it again new man To step into her life: Attorney Marcus Sieber. A few days ago they celebrated their first Christmas together. But how exactly did it work?

In an interview with colorful The 42-year-old revealed that she spent her Christmas holidays in Ibiza as in previous years. In addition to Marcus, there was also her family and children. The process is always the same: “We walk on the beach at lunch, then the bell rings. We read the Bible and Christmas stories together.” Then her daughter Mia also plays the piano.

Birgit Plan to stay on Balearic Island until mid-January. But maybe Marcus should leave first. “He also has his family.”She stressed the former hostess. The 54-year-old is divorced and has two teenage children.

Birgit and Niki Lauda in September 2013

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Birgit Lauda in November 2020
Birgit Lauda and Markus Siberer in August 2021
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