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wrapped in cotton candy «

wrapped in cotton candy «

From Christian Audi | 01:07 PM, December 28, 2021


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Lily Collins as Emily, Ashley Parke as Mindy, and Camille Razat as Camille in the Netflix movie © Carol Petwell/Netflix

Anyone who dismissed season one about an American woman in Paris as a stupid series of stereotypes needs no further reading. May God protect us from Heaven and Hell emily In Paris”, WhatsApp dear fellow. Well, if you want lightness of being, Can be wrapped in cotton candy And lock her up for ten episodes of the real world without having to watch a science fiction movie.

Because continuing is smooth In a dream of a city where there are no yellow jackets and no street masks (although filmed in Paris in 2021), the business seems to work itself and in costume: everything is allowed! Just not so simple!

Anyone who chose Dubbed The German version decides why only Sylvie, the head of the marketing agency, has a pronounced French accent. The original version makes sense. Who is Emily’s Weekend Destination? French Riviera He knows better than the screenwriters, he knows that the magnificent Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat is not near Saint-Tropez, but near Nice – but for Americans, the 1.45-hour drive is “around the corner”.
Conclusion: our time can take a fairy tale well!

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