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Human Evolution: How Man Lost Its Tail

Human Evolution: How Man Lost Its Tail

Crown of creation? Well, there have been doubts about that for a long time. Now it turns out: Humans are likely amputees due to evolution. It shares this fate with its closest living relatives: the chimpanzee, the orangutan, and the gorilla. We humans are missing an important part of the body that every decent person lacks Mammal Owns. Dogs and cats have them, mice, rats, all rhinos and all dinosaurs. We just lost our tail.

How could this happen? And when? Although endless existence may have been an advantage for us in the evolutionary race, loss has remained an unsolved mystery in biology. The problem now appears to have been solved: the catastrophe occurred about 25 million years ago, in a common ancestor of humans and great apes, US scientists said this week. in nature. At that time, remnants of ancient viruses became independent in their genome, disappearing from place and looking for a new home in the genome. I found them in the midst of the genetic makeup that today bears the mysterious name TBXT. It stayed there and resides in this place in our genome to this day.

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