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Hurricane Agnes heads towards Western Europe ::

Hurricane Agnes heads towards Western Europe ::

Its maximum speed reaches 190 km/h over the sea. Hurricane Agnes, known as Kilian in German-speaking countries, is currently forming over the Atlantic Ocean. There are likely to be severe restrictions, especially in Ireland, as the storm is coming from the southwest and will hit the island’s rugged coast. According to reports from The Weather Channel, you should expect hurricane winds of up to 120 km/h on land, and up to 140 km/h near the coast.

On Wednesday morning, Agnes will reach the coast of Ireland and then head towards Wales, northern England and Scotland. In Great Britain there can also be isolated tornado gusts of up to 120 km/h.

The storm rarely comes alone

As has often been observed in the past, storms and hurricanes often do not occur alone. There are often three systems hitting the same area one after the other. According to the Weather Channel, this condition occurs when the plane remains almost stationary on the one hand, and a periodic rise occurs at the same time on the other hand, and these conditions currently exist over the North Atlantic Ocean.

In Ireland and Great Britain there is likely to be traffic chaos and isolated destruction. However, the damage is likely to be less severe than during the last major Hurricane Zainab in February 2022. Although Agnes’ peak winds can reach 190 km/h over water, they slow down significantly on land due to friction.

Names of different storms

The National Weather Service of Great Britain names only major storms and names them in alphabetical order. Because the new storm season begins in the fall, the first hurricane at this time is given the initial letter A — in this case Agnes.

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