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The office building can be completely dismantled

The office building can be completely dismantled

Steel-free construction system

X-fix is ​​a patented wood component connection that is flexible, sustainable and can be dismantled. © Einar Aslaksen

The new building consists of a timber frame with a flexible grid system measuring 5 x 5 m, allowing for different floor plans such as small offices, open work areas, meeting areas and smaller rooms. “The construction task presented us with many challenges. Overcoming the tension between leading-edge construction techniques and materials and compliance with standards required a delicate balance. In order to gain widespread support for the deconstruction and reuse concept, extensive communication with all stakeholders was necessary,” say the architects. To demonstrate lasting benefits.” Their commitment to the complete demountability of a building is only possible through careful planning of the individual components. Primary and secondary framing designed to standard production formats and dimensions reduces material waste and optimizes transport volume. Advanced wood-to-wood connections such as glulam columns and connected beams With beech wood screws, as well as CLT walls and panels with X-fix connectors Haslacher It led to a steel-free building system. This wood-based approach reduced steel consumption on this project by more than 80% compared to concrete alternatives, while adaptable engineering solutions increased the longevity of the entire building.

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