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Immortals of Aveum: Huge update brings new game+ and more

Immortals of Aveum: Huge update brings new game+ and more

Ascendant Studios has announced the biggest update yet for its magic shooter Immortals of Aveum. The popular New Game+ game mode is included.

Ascendant Studios, in collaboration with publisher Electronic Arts, announced the new version update for Immortals of Aveum. The fantasy shooter is receiving its most comprehensive patch yet, which will be available to download from November 16.

The update is called “Echollektor” and will bring new game content, equipment, backstories, and the much-requested New Game+ game mode. The focus is also on the new “Grand Magnus” difficulty level as well as further performance improvements and other improvements.

Thanks to New Game+, you can enjoy the entire Immortals of Aveum story again without having to start over with your character. As you’ve become accustomed to with New Game+ from other titles, you can start by using your existing gear and expanding it further. To ensure that the title remains challenging, health points, damage and opponents’ abilities have been adjusted accordingly. On the other hand, protagonist Jack adopts most of his spells and abilities from previous playthroughs.

“Great Magnus” aims to present a completely new challenge in terms of difficulty and will make defeating Sandrak’s forces even more difficult. Every battle must be a battle for survival. You can find more detailed details about the big update In the official blog entry on the subject.

Additionally, new players can begin their journey as part of Immortals of Aveum’s free access phase on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series The corresponding demo will be released in the second half of November.

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Immortals of Aveum – Today’s release trailer

On the occasion of the launch of the magic shooter Immortals of Aveum today, here is the launch trailer.