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India launches a test rocket for a manned space mission

India launches a test rocket for a manned space mission

India has successfully tested a rocket for its planned manned space mission. “I am very pleased to announce the successful completion of the mission,” Sridhara Somanath, head of the Indian Space Agency (ISRO), said today after the test. The “Gaganyaan” (“Sky Ship”) mission is scheduled to transport three astronauts into Earth’s orbit in 2025. The project is considered an important milestone for India’s space ambitions.

The test was for the crew module’s emergency evacuation system. The unit separated from the engine shortly after takeoff and landed softly in the sea ten minutes later. The start was previously postponed for two hours due to bad weather conditions and engine failure.

Ambitious plans

Before the actual mission begins, ISRO plans to conduct a series of 20 tests, including sending a robot into space. “Gaganyaan” is the first mission of its kind for India, and according to the space agency, it will cost the country about 1.08 billion dollars (about 1.02 billion euros). Astronauts are expected to spend three days outside the Earth’s atmosphere before returning to Earth.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that he wants to put a man on the moon by 2040. In August, India became the fourth country to land an unmanned spacecraft on Earth’s satellite.

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