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innovation in Europe?  You’re looking for ways to say no.

innovation in Europe? You’re looking for ways to say no.

Austrian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley explain what Austria should do better: from the European search for “good jobs”, excessive bureaucracy – and anti-innovation immigration policies.

San Francisco For more than 150 years, as Anglo-American militiamen began driving away Native Americans and hunting down Mexican settlers, Northern California has called out those who seek success. In the late 1840s, gold plate workers were the first to use sieves to search for gold nuggets in the mud before destroying entire areas with hydraulic pumps during the gold rush. Today they are those who want to make money using technology. First, developers sat in front of their computers in garages, and today they have concepts tested on company campuses the size of entire villages, where virtual reality becomes a reality.

Progress is the watchword in this part of California, where vestiges of 1960s counterculture have merged with big tech and big finance into an ever-renewing success machine. Its engine is a belief in improvement – which is equivalent to: profit.

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