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Innovative and decisive spirit – the gateway city to the state capital Graz

Innovative and decisive spirit – the gateway city to the state capital Graz

In memory of the state politician and intellectual pioneer who died in 2019 Gerhard Hirschmann The state of Styria and the city of Graz announced an award for the first time in 2021. Every two years, personalities who have made important achievements and contributions to social, political, social, cultural, economic or technological issues are honored with this award.

The 2023 winner is a former racing driver, now a hotelier, lawyer and honorary citizen of Graz doctor. Helmut Marko Honored with this award. The award ceremony was held on October 16, 2023 in the Municipal Council Hall in Graz.
The Graz native, who turns 80 this year, thanked him for the award in his speech and remembered the award’s namesake: he has a lot in common with Gerhard Hirschmann, especially, of course, his efforts to build the Red Bull Circuit. In Spielberg. “Here, thanks to the ring, the previously declining region of Upper Styria has become a thriving region,” Marco explained proudly. Later, Hirschmann became a regular visitor to the Schlossberg Hotel, “and he would sit in the lobby and read the newspapers and have many discussions. I am very grateful for these many hours spent with him,” Marco emphasized.

The honoring ceremony was attended by the governor of the state Christopher Drexler And Deputy Mayor of Graz Judith Schwentner With City Councilor for Culture Günter Riegler. State Governor Christopher Drexler explained: “Helmut Marko has a critical spirit, a successful motorsport driver, the soul of a racing team, an art collector and an entrepreneur, all of which make him eligible for this award.”
Deputy Mayor Judith Schwentner said: “I do not share all of Helmut Marko’s views, but I admire him for many things, for example his determination, his innovative spirit, his courage and the fact that he creates exciting new buildings.”

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The eulogy for Helmut Marko was delivered by the Graz City Council of Culture Gunter Riegler. “His life has always been about competition, he just knows the way forward and the fastest way,” Riegler said, one of the reasons he received the award. “He is economically minded, and as an art collector and forester, he lives a life of value. Or as Bernie Ecclestone once said about Helmut Marko: ‘You’re good enough, you don’t need luck,’” said Günter Riegler. Helmut’s Strengths Marco in short.

Many prominent figures came to Graz City Hall for the awards ceremony, including the City Councilor for Finance Manfred EberSports City Advisor Kurt HohensenerAnd many local advisors and consuls Helmut ListHead of the Chamber of Agriculture Franz TeichenbacherVice Rector of TU Andrea HuglichDean of the Technical University Gerd GroupAnd also the episcopal vicar Heinrich SchnoederlAdmin Michael Axman And so is the imam Ibrahim Sikarich.