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Insider Preview Build 22563: Windows 11 gets an improved taskbar for tablets

Insider Preview Build 22563: Windows 11 gets an improved taskbar for tablets

The highlight of the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22563 from Dev Channel, which is aimed primarily at developers and experienced end users and which already provides a preview of most of the features of the Fall 2022 Update also known as Windows 11 22H2, is the new operating system taskbar, which It is optimized for tablets.

Taskbar optimized for tablets and 2-in-1 systems

The new taskbar or new taskbar status, as Microsoft calls the feature, from Windows 11 should always activate completely automatically when you boot the operating system on the tablet or remove the keyboard from a 2-in-1. However, according to Microsoft, the taskbar cannot be activated Enhance this or force it on a desktop or laptop computer.

The new Windows 11 taskbar optimized for tablets (Image: Microsoft)

The new taskbar has two states and can be displayed as either ‘collapsed’ or ‘expanded’.

  • When folded, the taskbar is out of the way, freeing up more screen space and preventing accidental launch of the taskbar when carrying a tablet or two devices in one.
  • When the taskbar is opened, it is optimized in a way that makes it easier to operate using touch input.
  • You can easily switch between the two states using the swipe gesture on the bottom edge of the screen.

Users can under EinstellungenPersonalisierungTaskleisteVerhalten der Taskleiste Check if the new taskbar status is already available on your system.

The feature will be rolling out again in waves and will no longer be available automatically with the update to Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22563.

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Content in tools becomes more dynamic

Another innovation is dynamic content, which should be combined with already known news feeds with the update to the latest internal preview in the dashboard. In this context, Microsoft is talking about more dynamic mixed feeds being tried.

New dynamic feed in Windows 11
The new dynamic feeds in Windows 11 (Image: Microsoft)

Additionally, Microsoft promises to focus more on tools and feeds in the future and make them more customizable and customizable.

No more distractions for students

The new group policy for managing Windows updates for education IT admins aims to ensure that relevant messages that distract students during the school day are prevented.

New Group Policies for Education Administrators
New Group Policies for Education Administrators (Image: Microsoft)

Improvements and bug fixes

According to the official release notes, in addition to the specific features, further improvements and bug fixes have been incorporated into version 22563 as usual.

  • Taskbar
    • The hidden taskbar automatically remains exposed while you use Task View to switch desktops.
    • When you drag a file or app to the taskbar, we’ve updated the message next to your mouse to show what’s supported and what isn’t now supported by dark mode and contrast themes.
    • Fixed the periodic crash of explorer.exe that French (Canadian) display language users encountered regarding the battery icon hint.
    • The mute icon in the taskbar has been updated so that the tool tip now points to the keyboard shortcut (WIN + Alt + K).
  • Taskbar optimized for tablets
    • The taskbar’s top border line now extends across the entire taskbar instead of ending up short of the taskbar area.
    • The design of the hidden icon pop-up buttons is now compatible with the design of the rest of the taskbar buttons.
    • The taskbar no longer flashes when switching input methods or during other scenarios where taskbar icons are added and removed.
  • start menu
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Start menu to not open constantly with the new touch gesture, as you swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
    • When featured items are newly added or removed, their icons are now animated to fade and disappear.
    • The hibernation icon in the power menu is no longer incorrectly displayed as a bell.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a single quote in the power button tooltip to not display correctly.
    • The names of apps in folders are temporarily no longer blurred when opening folders in the start menu.
    • Fixed the crash some users experienced when trying to share an app from the All apps list.
  • File Explorer
    • Fixed an issue where the OneDrive icon would sometimes not appear in the File Explorer command bar when it should have.
    • A random white dot that appeared in the context menu when you right-click on the File Explorer title bar in dark mode has been removed.
  • widgets
    • When the taskbar is aligned to the left, information such as temperature is now displayed.
    • Fixed an issue where weather information for gadgets might display different information on a multi-screen setup.
    • Task Manager Some work has been done to resolve the issue of the navigation bar in the updated Task Manager theme displaying black glitches when launching Task Manager from a minimized state.

Windows 11 Insider Build 22563 release notes

More information is provided through the official announcement in the form of a post on Windows Insider Blog.

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Windows 11 Download on ComputerBase

Like an overview of all versions of the preview via a file Microsoft Flight Hub It reveals that Insider Preview Build 22563 replaces Insider Preview Build 22557 in the Dev Channel, while Beta Channel consumers have been receiving the new build 22000.466 as an official beta since January 14.

Microsoft released version 22000.318 as a system image (ISO), which is linked as a download directly below this message.

With the help of the cumulative update also associated with KB5010386, which also contains the current service pack update (SSU), the operating system can be directly upgraded to version 22000.493 after a fresh installation. The optional update KB5010414 upgrades Windows 11 to version 22000.527.


  • Windows 11 ISO

    3.7 stars

    Windows 11 ISO files can be used to create bootable installation media.

    • Version 21H2 (Build 22000.318) German
  • Cumulative Update for Windows 11

    4.1 stars

    Regularly updated packages with all security updates and bug fixes for Windows 11.

    • Version 21H2 (Build 22000.493) KB5010386, Win11 German
    • Version 21H2 (Build 220.527) KB5010414 Preview, Win 11 German