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International star at Lockenhaus –

International star at Lockenhaus –


An international star of classical music delighted the audience at the current Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival: Hungarian pianist Sir András Schiff has been a regular guest at the Lockenhaus since the festival was founded 42 years ago.

Brilliant and full of expression, Sir Andras Schiff takes his audience on a musical journey that began with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations and continued with Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven. And in between, explaining the music to the audience.

Schiff: Music is a learning process

“I strongly believe that music is not just entertainment. We want people to feel comfortable, but it is a learning process and we learn together.” Music is a wonderful thing and the piano music is very rich. Attempts to identify pivot points and create connections so that there is always a common thread between pieces.

Pianist Andras Schiff

Hungarian pianist Sir András Schiff delighted his audience at the Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival. The world star of classical music has been a guest at the Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival since its founding, but the parish church has been sold out.

In a jovial mood at Luckenhouse

Sir Andras Schiff clearly felt at home at his concert at Luckenhouse. In a cheerful mood, he entertained his audience for more than three hours. “It was an amazing experience, I loved it,” Schiff says. He was there at Luckenhaus from the very beginning and has a lot of memories. The pianist enthused.

(Broadcast reference: “Burgenland Today”, 07/11/2023)

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