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Interview with the chief developer – scary more real than ever

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Callisto Protocol: Interview with Chief Developer – Horror is more real than ever © Krafton / Striking Distance Studios

Horror game The Callisto Protocol coming soon. Director Glenn Schofield revealed in the interview what makes his game so unique and realistic.

Hamburg – Anyone into the horror genre should be familiar with the name Glen Schofield. The artist, designer, and producer has been involved in games for a long time, but is best known today for his sci-fi horror masterpiece Dead Space. Schofield is now back in scary action and releasing a soulful sequel to his 2009 work, The Callisto Protocol, in 2022. During a preview session of his new project, spoke to Glen Schofield about his work and the horror flick.

You can read the full interview about the Callisto protocol at

After the release of Dead Space, Glen Schofield has turned his back on the horror genre at the moment Activision on me Call of duty To work with but the creative director has horror at his heart and it seems he has followed closely in the past ten years what has happened in terms of horror. A lot has happened recently, particularly in horror movies, says Schofield, and Striking Distance Studios could have benefited from several innovations from Hollywood during development.

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