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iPhone 13 Pro Max is the Galaxy S21 Ultra in the speed test

who – which Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max had become Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Put in the speed test. Since every millisecond counts in such tests, the process cannot of course be left to human hands and fingers, so in practice robotic hands were used to exclude measurement tolerances as much as possible.

As a result, things were very similar in many disciplines, but not in all of them. Initially, the S21 Ultra takes the lead when opening apps from Facebook social networking site and Starbucks and also maintained using Microsoft Word and Excel. Then both smartphones have to take a selfie and upload it to Snapseed. This can be done here too Galaxy S21 Maintains the lead.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max / Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Moving on to more processing intensive tasks like exporting videos. Equipped with Currently the fastest chipsetApple A15 Bionic, iPhone 13 Pro Max takes the lead here. Loading games, it expands its lead so much that an Apple phone can take advantage of it throughout the rest of the test and ultimately win by a solid margin. All in all, it took 1:51 minutes to load all of the apps, seven seconds faster than the S21 Ultra.

The bottom line is that the Samsung phone did better at opening many small apps thanks to more RAM, while the iPhone was better at handling larger tasks like viewing videos.

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