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Irish Tragedy – ‘Flora and Son’: Bono’s daughter impresses in deeply feel-good cinema

Irish Tragedy – ‘Flora and Son’: Bono’s daughter impresses in deeply feel-good cinema

In the field of music feel the film John Carney very comfortable. As a director, the Irishman, former guitarist for the rock band The Frames, has created a niche for himself: stories about outsiders and outcasts who find each other through the guitar. Tormented souls who derive comfort from the healing power of music. You’ve seen it all countless times, no doubt, but the 51-year-old’s films (“Once,” “Sing Street”) have an unmistakably honest charm that’s unconcerned with overly artificial style. A description that also applies to “Flora and Son,” Carney’s latest tragicomedy with musical overtones.

Director John Carney
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eve harlow, The daughter of U2 singer Bono, she stars as a single mother searching for a happier life. Plagued by financial difficulties and world-weariness, Flora lives a modest life on the outskirts of Dublin. The self-confident woman has passed on her rebellious streak to her son, Max (Orin Quinlan), who is always causing trouble. She sadly mourns the difficult times of her youth, which she was unable to fully enjoy. Between clubs, alcohol, working part-time jobs, and raising a rebellious teenager, it’s easy to lose yourself. But the discovery of a dilapidated guitar meant as a birthday present brings new hope to isolated everyday life. Flora decides to take online lessons from American music teacher Jeff (Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Charming). What begins as a long-distance flirtation awakens in her a real passion for songwriting and launches the healing process associated with it.

John Carney won’t win an innovation Oscar for his latest music therapy lesson, the tunes he relies on are too well known. But great things can be hidden behind the ordinary, as has been shown time and time again. The shallow, cliche story is transported into a world that feels raw and real. The film reliably captures the local color of Dublin. It’s amazing how easily Carney plays with a wide range of emotions without falling into excessive kitsch. So they are still there, the simple stories that touch the heart, free from sarcasm and sarcasm. In the director’s hands, the formula for successful feel-good cinema is as simple as it is effective: talented actors, authentic Irish flair, and music as a balm for the soul. We welcome it to continue like this.

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classification: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4/5)

“Flora and Son” can be watched on Apple TV+.